The 11 proven ways to get lasting influence and more Instagram followers

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A photo by Vita Vilcina.

11 proven ways to get lasting influence and more Instagram followers


Maintaining or gaining lasting influence on Instagram as well as growing followers is a task which needs a social media strategy. Here’s what makes the difference between a good and a great one:


1) Identify your competitor and your target group

  • The first step of the development of a purposeful strategy is the identification of your target group. Also, you have to find out who‘s your competitor. With these insights, you can find out what content is popular as well as what content is the competition offering. If they don’t deliver the wanted content – maybe you can. If you have a strong competitor, then there is more work for you to do. Analyze the posts carefully and try do deliver content which is better or has more value


2) Set yourself the right goal

  • This one question is very important: What do you want to achieve with your effort? Is your goal a better branding of the company or do you want to sell products? Look for influencers or already existing communities in order to be more visible in the niche you want to be seen
  • Don’t wait too long but try to post on a regular basis. A great Instagram account can’t be done by the way. Perhaps you need somebody who takes care of it
  • You also have to have an eye on the state of the market. Do you have the right content in order to thrill your target group? A boring or unstructured account might be bad for your reputation


3) Tell outstanding stories

  • On Instagram you don’t have many design possibilities as it is on facebook. Many Instagram users are only interested in outstanding pictures and videos. Your content has to tell a story that users don’t find elsewhere
  • You can start with photos behind the scenes of your company or show products or services in a way users can only experience on your Instagram account. Give yourself the consideration of offering exclusive content. Through this, you are able to get your target group together and can ensure to enable a unique experience
  • This will differ you from your competitors – which is noticed by the users. And through this, users are much more willing to become your long-term followers


4) Use suitable hashtags

  • On Instagram you can find photos by looking for the geolocation or the hashtag. By choosing the right ones, you are way more visible in different communities. More people who see your picture means more potential interactions with people.


5) Present your best possible content

  • After deciding about your strategy regarding Instagram, you should produce suitable content. A very powerful tool for companies is posting content with a big potential regarding interaction. Through this, user comment more likely. If you answer via comment, you have the power to stay in the head oft he user
  • Use this possibility of interaction! especially, because the rate of interaction is way higher than at any other social network. The more interaction takes place on your content, the more user take notice of your account. Through this, your community grows and you reach more users – who also cause a bigger spreading of your account. Because of this, you should show photos of a great quality with a certain reference and react to comments of pictures and videos


6) Find the best time for your content

  • The rate of interaction is very big influenced by the time you upload new content. You should try different times for uploading photos of your product, service or company. By analyzing it, you can find out when you are able to reach most of your target group. This is important, because a community can barely grow without (more) interactions
  • If you want to shorten things up, you should have a look at the account of your competitor. There you can see at which time the amount of „likes“ and comments are the highest


7) Post on a regular basis

  • You have to come clear that a great Instagram account requires time for carrying out a social media strategy. This is important because of the administrative expenditure
  • With the Monitoring modul of the Facelift Cloud, you can find out what content works best for you. But it is important that you post in a frequent time, i.e. every two days at 10 a.m. As in any other media, most users prefer regularity. If you want your community to grow, you should offer continuity which you they can rely on


8) Measure your results and optimize

  • Only looking at your Instagram account isn’t enough. If you want your community to grow, you need to make exact analysis. Use Websites like Socialblade. Write down all measures which worked great
  • Which kind of content was more successful, which photos had only few interactions? What could users see on the successful ones? When did you gained followers, when did you lost some? Also, your Homepage in your profile can affect increasing or decreasing followers
  • On Instagram, your bio is the only place where you can link your Homepage. This is a great way to get traffic for an important landing page. Don’t waste it’s potential! So, analyze the results of your content and optimize it if you are dissatisfied


9) Announce your Instagram account as often as possible

  • Promote your account only if it is appropriated. You should have an indication or logo on your homepage which shows that you use this social media platform. Also, you should talk about it in your corporate blog because it could push your Instagram account. These articles should include usable information and not sold commercials
  • If you have a newsletter, you can also use it for promoting your Instagram account. But don’t annoy your readers with promoting it all the time


10) Become visible

  • If you really want to interact with your potential followers – just posting pictures isn’t enough. Follow accounts with suitable subject to your company, brand or product and like pictures (you really like). You can also comment in a reasonable amount. Avoid to comment pictures monosyllabic
  • Through active interaction with Instagram users, your account is getting attention from users who didn’t knew your profile before. By doing this, you gain new followers who are interested in your account


11) Advertise on Instagram

  • Not only facebook became one of the most profitable pages for online ads. Since 2015 Instagram allows them, too. These online platforms have a huge advantage over the classical ads. That’s because advertisers’s target group is only one click away
  • As advertisers, you have to take care of you commercial in terms of the criteria mentioned in the post. The simple adaptions of an already existing campaign you carry out on other media will definitely not work.















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