How to Create Your Own Hashtag

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No matter if you want to promote your personal brand, a business or an event – with the right hashtag you can reach lots of people. Businesses could use the hashtag in order to encourge event participation, to show support for a chaity as well as for promoting a product launch.


4 steps to creating your own hashtag


1 ) Brainstorm

  • Your ideal hashtag should represent your brand, event or product. It shouldn’t be too long and could include a year – so you could reuse it for annual events


2 ) Research

  • If you came up with your ideal hashtag, you should check if it isn’t already in use
  • Your hashtag doesn’t have to be a text which was never seen on Instagram. But it should be unique, because you want to create a community around your hashtag. And not enhancing more people to see somebody else’s Instagram profile, which is already using exactly this hashtag
  • Tipp: Use the Instagram Search Bar for finding a quiet and suitable hashtag.


3 ) Promote

  • Since you don’t want the hashtag to stay quiet, you should use it. Tell your ideal community, eg. your followers or friends about it
  • If you represent a business and want to encourage an event, you could tell your clients or business connections that this hashtag exists. Use whatever promotional tool is available to you, e.g. a sign in the store or a link to the event on your website


4 ) Monitor

  • Make sure to monitor the reactions of your followers or other Instagram Users regarding your hashtag or post. Don’t forget to interact with them. Perhaps you can react to comments. These people seem to share the same interests regarding your post what makes them to your potential followers. Also, if the hashtag is used for an event, be sure to monitor it in the days and hours leading up to the event as well as during and after it for fotos. In order to stay in the center of this hashtag, you shoud make sure to use it often for making sure no post goes unnoticed







Hashtag Packs

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