Short briefing for your branding success on Instagram

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You want to become a personal brand or want to advertise for a product or company? We have a short summary of the most important criterias, you can influence.

15 Do’s & Don’ts for branding success on Instagram


1 ) Create your own hashtag

  • Especially if you start a new campaign or offer a new product. The hashtag should be unique, if you want to have an accurate analysis. If a hashtag has already been used is visible in the search bar on Instagram. Click here for more information


2 ) Regram

  • You don’t always have to post your own content. You can also repost a picture of the community – called regram. Because Instagram has no share or re-tweet function like facebook or twitter, regrams are used. As a company, you could regram pictures of fans on which you mention the user


3 ) Integrate celebrities

  • A common way to do marketing on Instagram is to hire an influencer who mentions or shows the products


4 ) Don’t post your products all the time

  • The own Instagram follower shouldn’t be „spammed“ only with photos and products. Better posts give followers a possibility to interact


5 ) The right timing

  • Instagram is a really fast-moving platform because users only have one feed on which they see pictures of accounts they are following. The more accounts they follow, the faster the feed is moving down. By the way, the highest time of access is Wednesdey between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.


6 ) Use popular hashtags of your niche

  • This is especially important when it comes to building a community at the beginning because this is an easy way to be found by other users


7 ) Ask questions

  • Has already worked out great on facebook, still works great on Instagram. This can better the rates of interaction and increase the time spent per photo


8 ) Do a competition for your follower

  • Instagram is perfect for photo competitions. Create a hashtag and ask your followers to use it in order to take part of the game


9 ) Post quotes (if it creates added value)

  • The „Iconic Shift“, from writing to picture, is also driven by Instagram. But that doesn’t mean that Instagram user doesn’t want to read. For some brands, usage of quotes are an option

10 ) Add a location

  • Users can add a location for every picture they upload. These can be chosen by the uploader. Pictures are not only found through hashtags but also through geolocation. Also, you could write your homepage URL instead of a certain location for increasing traffic for your homepage


11 ) Use the only link clever

  • Every Instagram account can write down exactly one link (in the bio). This link can be used to generate more traffic on a certain website, e.g. your homepage. Sometimes you could mention under a photo that viewers find your link in your profile


12 ) Post hashtags as a comment

  • Hashtags are not always nice to look at. And if you want a big social media reach, you might want to use more than one or two. So, instead of posting them all in the picture description, you can type them all as a comment under it. By doing this, the hashtags are only visible when the user opens the comments – but your hashtags are working anyways


13 ) Interact with the users

  • Answering users’ questions always wise might be tought but rewarding. Also, one should be active and like other users‘ photos and videos as well as comment it. The best interactions are ones between two parties who share the same interest. So look for users which might be interested in your account

14 ) Long texts are good as well

  • Of course Instagram is focused on photos and most users prefer a short description. But there are also media brands like National Geographic who write sucessful long texts. Do you have something to talk about?


15 ) Evaluate numbers

  • Good marketing often relys on good statistics. You don’t even have to spend money on this because there are websites who let you get an analyzation for free. This includes the rate of interation or how many interations one had with people who are no follower at the moment.









Hashtag Packs

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