Approaching Influencers: Short Social Media Marketing Success Guide

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Influencer Instagram Marketing


Influencers do not only ensure people speaking about your product or company – they add value to it. There are lots of influencers who built up a big reach and visibility in their niche. This constant commitment shows trustworthiness for their followers. That’s also because influencers do not communicate thoughtless but sift the most important and interesting content for their followers out of the media. They are experts in their niche and can judge which content offers added value. Additionally, they do not only share content but offer space for a discussion. The longer one follows this kind of influencer, the more trustworthiness is built – on condition that it stays justified.

This brings us to the point: How can you use this for your social media marketing success? There are lots of Instagram users with a big number of followers out there. Not everybody is a perfect fit for your company or campaign. You have to figure out what your target group as well as your goal is.

How to approach influencers on Instagram?

After identifying the right influencers for your campaign, the next step for you is to engage with them. Because influencers of popular niches are often overwhelmed by emails of different brands, your email would be barely noticed. If you want more success than your competitors, you need to go other ways than them. Influencers are asked all the time to share or mention companies, products or Instagram accounts. Sending request emails worked a few year ago on other platforms. But as you know: Instagram is not a regular social media network. So your next step isn’t to email and ask directly for promotion but building an authentic relationship with your target influencer(s). You can follow them, comment on posts, read their blogs and try to interact with them. This way, you engage with their activities as well as you get a feeling for their interests – what helps you connecting with the influencer and gives you the key opportunity for a long-lasting relationship.

After establishing and cultivating the relationship(s), you will see that it’s way easier to reach out for them. Because you made visible effort to get their attention, convincing them to engage in your marketing campaign will be way easier for you. If the influencer is convinced of you or your product, he or she will be more likely begin to promote your brand, product or account.

As you see, making effort to get their attention is the key factor of success with influencers on Instagram. If you do a great job and manage to convince him or her of the added value or advantage of your product, they’ll share your content with way more passion. Long-term followers of influencers can see the difference.

When you decide to contact your influencer, you should do it via email or phone. It is very important for you to find a connection. Start with an introduction of you and your company and explain how your influencer’s audience could benefit from what you offer. You could also mention that you follow your influencer’s account since quite a while and explain why your product matches great with his or her account. If you are looking for promotion through your influencer’s account, you could offer a free sample of your product. If you don’t have a product, you should offer a form of compensation for the influencer’s promotion effort. Also, you should provide him or her with content they can use for your promotion. Make it as easy as possible for your influencer.

You found an influencer, built up a relationship and your product is spread viral? Great! But don’t forget to track your influencer’s marketing. This is especially important if you strive to have a long-term relationship because you should find out which way your influencer performs best. Through this, you can better plan the allocation of your resources. Let’s be honest: You don’t want to waste your money or promotion opportunities.
Following, you find three easy ways to do this:


1. Tracking Links
Using a tracking link is the easiest way. Services like come in handy because you can track direct traffic flow of each of your influencer’s promotions.

2. Promo Codes
Giving every influencer a certain promo code (for a certain time) makes tracking down their benefit to your marketing campaign very easy. Most Point of Purchase systems support them and enable a quite clear overall view of your influencer ‘s performance.


3. Social Data
Keeping track of your influencer’s social impact regarding your marketing activities is extremely relevant – when brand awareness of your product is your main goal. If you are not a programmer, you might want to get help by a social listening service. They collect and process data like subsequent social posts that were generated due to an influencer’s post, the total reach of your influencer or the traffic flow to your website through his promotion.








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